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Wicker Man

Located near Mutiny Bay

Wicker Man

Wicker Man

Join the chosen ones on the world’s most immersive rollercoaster experience to date, unifying cutting edge special effects with classic wooden coaster technology for the first time!

The chosen ones can climb on-board the Beornen’s works train passing further into their secretive world, splintering around a labyrinth of twisted track. The burning embers light the path as the train hurtles towards the six-storey high flaming effigy.  Speeding towards the Wicker Man, he spectacularly ignites into flames as the train bursts through his chest three times.

Wicker Man is the UK’s first new wooden coaster built in over 20 years, a globally unique experience that will reconnect riders with the primal essence of rollercoasters.

Wicker Man Opening Times

Wicker Man is open for Early Ride Time, which is for annual pass holders & hotel guests ONLY. Others can experience Wicker Man from 10am. Early Ride Time is not available at Scarefest or Fireworks.

Wicker Man opens today at :


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