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Wicker Man - The Review

On Saturday 24th March 2018, Alton Towers Resort officially launched Wicker Man! This brand new wooden rollercoaster doesn't disappoint! With an amazing 65ft high wicker man statue, other great bits of theming, a great pre-show, awesome audio and amazing effects!

The rollercoaster itself is amazing! As soon as you leave the lift hill, you are picking up speed really quickly. The ride is actually quite fast and picks up a lot of speed as the ride progresses. The 65ft Wicker Man statue really does add to the experience! When you pass through the statue. on the ride, and the fire comes blasting out, it is an amazing experience!

(The fire was just turning off when I took the picture)

The Wicker Man shop has been themed amazingly as well! A smaller Wicker Man statue is in the shop to add to theming. As well as bunting, flags and thematic lighting to add to the experience!

Alton Towers Resort have created an amazing overall experience on this wooden rollercoaster. With amazing theming and audio to enhance the experience, Alton Towers Resort can say that they have created a 'World Class Experience'.

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