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SW8 Construction Update 17th June 2017

Alton Towers Resort have been building SW8 since November 2016 and the old Flume site was destroyed within a couple of months. Here is the latest construction update from the SW8 Construction Site!

On Saturday 17th June 2017, work on the site was progressing very well. A lot of the main theming structure is now in place and track has started to be built. The brake run has been built and the station building has also been built.

Concrete has also been put down for where the supports are going to go. These can be seen nearly all the way round where the track is going to be. Some of the track has already been built at the back of the station. This is as well as the brake run like was mentioned earlier.

Thanks for reading a Theme Park International theme park news update. Please be aware that all of these images belong to THEME PARK INTERNATIONAL. We hope that you have a great rest of your day.

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