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Thorpe Park Resort - 2020 Map Released

Today, THORPE PARK Resort have released their 2020 map via their website, giving us a glimpse of what changes we can expect for the 2020 season at the resort.

Some of the changes to the map include: - Fins Bar and Grill has been rebranded into Infinity Bar & Kitchen. - The Crust has been replaced by The Cantina. - Donut Compound has been rebranded Amity Donut Bites.

- The map features the Black Mirror Labyrinth - New For 2020 The new attraction for 2020, Black Mirror Labyrinth is also featured on the map, confirming that the attraction is set to be part of the Old Town area of the park.

The design of the front of the map had had a few minor adjustments to the design, however is similar to the 2019 design.

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