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Alton Towers Resort - Closed Season Update 2017

It's officially Christmas and we have visited Alton Towers Resort to have a look at the closed season maintenance & Christmas decorations!

At Christmas, Alton Towers Resort decorate the hotels and some ofthe theme park with Christmas decorations! From small garlands to giant Christmas trees! There are many Christmas trees inside the Alton Towers Hotel! There is one next to the pirate ship, one nex to the giant chair, one at reception and many other locations around the hotel. Here are some picturs of the trees that we got to see.

It's not just the decorations that go up in the Winter season! Scaffolding has been put up around Nemesis' corkscrew.

'Festive Break' Or 'Santa's Sleepover' guests get entry to the theme park with selected rides & attractions open. This means that the whole of Towers Street is decorated with Christmas decorations. There is Christmas trees all down Towers Street and garlands around the buildings and the fences.

Some of the flume boats are still waiting to be collected from Staff Car Park!

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