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Toverland Announces An Expansion To Avalon, Adding Four New Attractions

In mid-2023, Toverland will open four new attractions in the themed area Avalon, where guests imagine themselves in the mythical world of the famous wizard Merlin. This will make the attraction offerings even more appealing to a wider audience and allow guests to enjoy themselves in the area for longer period of time. In addition to two large and two small attractions, a water playground, and a play area for toddlers, several new experience elements will be added. This expansion involves an investment of 10 million euros.

Image ©Toverland

In 2018, the Avalon opened with the spectacular wing coaster Fēnix, boat ride Merlin's Quest and table service restaurant The Flaming Feather. By mid-2023, Toverland will add four new attractions to Avalon, with guests exploring the area and its inhabitants even further. As a result, there will be even more to do for the whole family. Initial work on this complete metamorphosis has already begun.

Image ©Toverland


The first attraction is Pixarus. In this Flight School of Magic, Merlin's pupils are given flying lessons. Guests can decide for themselves what their flight will look like by driving their own vehicle and how often they will turn over. Pixarus has a unique element, as this attraction is placed in the inclined curve (the so-called 'helix') of roller coaster Fēnix. As a result, both attractions will fly right past each other.

Image ©Toverland


For those who find Pixarus a bit too exciting and prefer to take to the air side by side, they can make their way to the family-friendly drop tower Dragonwatch. This is the ideal place to spot the dragons of Avalon and enjoy the view of the theme park from a height of 17 meters.

Image ©Toverland

Garden Tour

Safely on the ground, the youngest guests are invited by Merlin to take a look at his magical herb garden. In this Garden Tour of over 130 meters through extraordinary flora and fauna, guests meet the magical creatures of Avalon. Children can experience this surprising tour either independently or with their parents.

Image ©Toverland

Jumping Juna

At the foot of Dragonwatch, children can take a seat in the carousel Jumping Juna. Here the playful unicorn Juna and the mischievous dragon Sparky organize a costume party. These two new characters will make their first appearance in Toverland starting in 2023.

Image ©Toverland

Experience elements

In addition to the opening of new attractions, there is more to come in Avalon. The area will be further enriched with a water playground and a toddler play area, right next to the terrace of The Flaming Feather. Guests will further find more new experiential elements such as viewing scenes and upgrades to existing attractions. More on this will be announced at a later date.

"We are very proud of everything that is about to happen in Avalon. Our confidence in the power of the world of Merlin means that we are eager to introduce it to an even wider audience. With our knowledge, skill, experience and stubbornness, we know how to shape this theme in a way that is unique and fits our identity."

General Manager Jean Gelissen Jr, Toverland


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