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Top Tips To Beat The Heatwave At UK Theme Parks

Over the coming week, temperatures across the UK are set to reach an all time record, which makes visiting theme parks quite difficult in the heat! But don't worry, we have you covered! Below we have put together a range of different top tips and tricks to keep you as cool as possible during your visit to the parks.

Drink Plenty of Water

Make sure you stay hydrated as you explore the theme parks. Most of the parks offer free water refills at numerous locations, including: Coca-Cola Freestyle machines (Merlin Entertainments Parks), restaurants, drinks stands and water fountains. If you can’t find anywhere to refill your water bottle, just ask a staff member and they would be more than happy to help you find one.

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

Bring Sun Cream

It is very important that you bring your sun cream with you to protect yourself from the sun, as whilst most parks have a large amount of shade, some areas of the parks are directly in sunlight, especially whilst queuing for rides & attractions. All of the Merlin theme parks offer free sun cream at dispensers around the theme park.

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

Make A Splash!

Enjoy the wide selection of water rides that are on offer at the theme parks, from plunging down a 85ft drop into waters below on Tidal Wave at THORPE PARK Resort to battling with water cannons on Battle Galleons at Alton Towers Resort, there are plenty of rides that can help you to cool down in this heatwave!

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

Enjoy The Air-Conditioning

Take a break from the outdoors and enjoy the air conditioned rides & attractions! From taking flight on the UK’s first flying theatre ride, Flight of the Sky Lion in LEGO MYTHICA at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, to exploring the wide selections of merchandise in the resort shops. Be sure to soak up the air-conditioning frequently to keep cool.

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

Tuck Into An Ice Cream!

Nothing says summer more than a tasty ice cream! Each theme park has a range of food and drink outlets that sell ice cream for you to enjoy! You can also buy pre-packaged ice creams in most shops. Be sure to ask a staff member if you can’t find any!

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

One Last Tip!

Be sure to stay in the shade as much as possible and bring a cap to shade your face during your visit.

Image ©Blackpool Pleasure Beach

So that’s it, you’re good to go! Have a great time exploring the parks in the sun, but keep in mind our top tips to keep cool and safe during your adventures!


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