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THORPE PARK Resort Announces Plans To Build UK’s Tallest Rollercoaster

On Friday 10th December 2021, THORPE PARK Resort announced their plans to build an all new rollercoaster in the Old Town area of the theme park, with an opening time-frame of 2023 - 2024. This information was released to the public within an in-person and online consultation, which is the first stage of the planning process timeline. With this, THORPE PARK Resort will be taking into account feedback from local residents, and any plans will be changed based on any concerns.

Overview of the new Rollercoaster

The proposal will involve the removal of existing rides on the development site and replacement with a new rollercoaster. Visitors will be transported from the station structure around a new track over water in an exhilarating experience. A maintenance building is proposed to the west of the station building and there will be associated facilities provided such as a food and beverage outlet and photo shop. This all new rollercoaster has a maximum height of 236 feet / 72 metres, which will make it the tallest rollercoaster in the UK, and the project is currently code named Project Exodus.

It is not clear which manufacturer will make this rollercoaster from the images, however it was stated that THORPE PARK Resort are still in negotiations with different manufacturers on who will build the ride. From looking at the plans, it appears that the station will be situated on the former Canada Creek Railway station building, with a maintenance area directly north of this, adjacent to Burger King. The layout of the roller coaster stretches either side of the lake, and features an outward banked curve out of the station, a steep lift hill, steeper first drop, overbanked turns, inversions, airtime hills, and a splashdown element. A new plaza and viewing area will be created next to the former Logger’s Leap station, which will provide fantastic views for non-riders of the attraction. THORPE PARK Resort have noted that the proposed design may change significantly throughout the planning process, with the layout to be finalised in early 2022. This will then be submitted formally as part of the planning application to Runnymede Borough Council.

The Timeline

THORPE PARK Resort have released a rough timeline of the plan for the planning, construction and delivery of this rollercoaster, and it appears that plans should be submitted to the local council in Spring 2022, where we will then have a better understanding of the finer details and the finalised plans for the new ride. It is then expected that in Late 2022, that construction will start ready for a mid-season opening in 2023 or start of the season opening in 2024.

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

With this project still in the planning stages, plane may significantly change, so keep checking back on our social media channels, our website, as well as our app for the latest information on Project Exodus.

Images ©Merlin Entertainments


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