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Chessington World of Adventures Resort Announces Shipwreck Coast Opening On 15th July

Chessington World of Adventures Resort have announced that a new themed land, Shipwreck Coast, that will open on 15th July, 2022.

The wild, wet and windy shores of this new land will transport guests to a disaster ridden harbour town that includes two brand-new rides, Trawler Trouble and Barrel Bail Out!.

Whilst exploring these stormy shores guests will need to help the harbourmaster in Barrel Bail Out!, as they jump into barrels trapped in a whirlpool and help empty them of water – be warned you’ll definitely find it very hard to stay dry in this one. Whilst further up the coast, the captain of a trapped fishing boat needs help getting it freed in Trawler Trouble, so get ready to ride some choppy waves and take in some spins.

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

In late June, a Chessington family favourite, Seastorm, reopened as part of the first wave of this development following a full refurbishment, with guests reboarding the renowned spinning miniature galleons. Whilst the notorious ship Blue Barnacle, which opened in April 2021, continues to heave-ho through the high seas.

The land takes inspiration from coastal harbour towns with nautical theming such as lighthouses, boats, sails, fishing nets and anchors taking prominence around the development. But it’s not just new rides and theming landing in Shipwreck Coast, Bagot goats will be making their home in the grassy hills around Blue Barnacle and Black rats will be found exploring a brand-new enclosure around the entrance to Trawler Trouble.

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

That’s not all, as the Mayor of Shipwreck Coast’s prized fish has gone missing and is calling upon guests to help crack the case and catch the ‘codnapper’. Join the pursuit for the truth and meet the quirky residents who inhabit the town along the way to help identify the culprit. Something smells fishy here…

“Our team have taken the much-loved Pirates’ Cove land and transformed it into this incredible harbour town, Shipwreck Coast. With stormy shores part of the everyday and adventures for all the family around every corner, we can’t wait to see our guests experience it, and of course meet our new resident animals!”

Kevin McIlmurray, Head of Guest Experience at Chessington World of Adventures


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