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Alton Towers Resort Unveils New Details On The New Scarefest Family Attraction ‘Trick O Treat Town’

Alton Towers Resort has announced a brand new spooktacular family attraction for this year’s Scarefest, Trick O Treat Town, where every day is Halloween and the townsfolk favourite past time is trick-or-treating for the town’s visitors.

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

Guests will be given a tote bag upon entering the indoor attraction and start by taking a walk down Spooky Avenue before moving onto houses in Treat Street, Witchy Woods, The Graveyard and The Hill. Knock on the doors to collect lots of sweet treats and other spooky surprises but be careful as there will be tricks a plenty. The entire fictitious town is suitable for all ages and will reward little monsters for their bravery.

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

In a spooky promo video released today by the park (Tuesday 21st September), a family in Halloween fancy dress attire can be seen enjoying trick or treating. They take a walk through a wooded area and arrive at an old house. They knock on the door and it opens to reveal a bright green light.

The new family attraction is the latest addition to the Theme Park’s line-up of terrifyingly good scare mazes, including:

Freak Show: Toxic Junkyard

Set outside in what appears to be an abandoned junkyard, daring thrillseekers will discover the dark and disturbing secret it hides in a truly chilling experience. After being hunted and cast out of the community, the last of the Freak Show psycho clowns have gone into hiding, plotting in secret their next “BIG SHOW”. Will dare devils entering the junkyard be able to help stop their evil plan or will they become the main attraction of the next performance?

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

The Attic: Terror of the Towers

An unforgettable and truly chilling experience set in the eaves of the Theme Park’s famous and historical Tower ruins. Rumoured to be haunted by ‘the Governess’, local legend says she is eternally trying to avenge the death of her charges; taking the spirits of the living as penance…but who will be her next victim?

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

Darkest Depths

Get ready for a terrifying new adventure aboard ‘The Mutiny’, a notoriously spine-chilling ghost ship. You’ll truly earn your golden piece of eight by venturing into the darkest depths, avoiding the hazardous calls of the treacherous Sirens, dodging the swords of terrifyingly ghoulish pirate mutineers and coming face to face with the Kraken – the legendary monster of the seas!

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

Altonville Mine Tours: Uncover The Legend of the Skin Snatchers

Those brave enough can also head to ‘Altonville’, a recently re-opened mine at the Resort, which holds a deep dark secret. Enter the damp, disused mine, which is believed to have once been home to a family of village outcasts. Nicknamed the ‘Skin Snatchers’ by local residents, their spine-chilling secret is about to be unearthed. Remember ‘Beauty is only skin deep’.

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

Also returning for 2021 is the opportunity to experience the Alton Towers Gardens as it comes to spooktacular life. ‘Garden Lights Walk: Whispering Souls’ is free for guests to enjoy as part of the event’s family friendly frights line-up of live entertainment including the Alton Ancestors, Freaky Five and CBeebies Land Monster Ball.

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

Open until 9pm each day, daring guests can also face the head-spinning, hair-raising rides and attractions in darkness including the Alton Towers Dungeon.

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

“This year we promised to plan a host of fun and thrills for families and thrill-seekers throughout the season. We are excited to host our award-winning Halloween celebrations which will be bigger and better than ever. Trick or treat plays a huge part in people’s Halloween celebrations and we wanted to capture this fun, family activity with an exciting Alton Towers twist. We remain committed to creating a much-needed form of escapism for families and thrill-seekers across the UK and beyond. We’ve got an incredible line-up of spooky fun and thrills, live entertainment and never-ending fun, which we’re sure our guests will love.”

Chris Carter, Events and Entertainments Director

Scarefest will take place at Alton Towers Resort from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th October, then each day from Friday 15th to Sunday 31st October. To find out more and to book tickets, visit:


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