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Alton Towers Resort Announces Details For All New Festival of Thrills Event

Alton Towers Resort is preparing to kick-off its thrilliant programme of events with a brand-new celebration of the Resort’s awesome, world-class rollercoasters as they reawaken for the ‘Festival of Thrills’ and are brought to life like never before: in an immersive burst of performances and live music.

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

The UK’s ultimate destination for thrills thanks to several world-first and European ground-breaking coasters, from Monday April 4th to Friday May 6th, Alton Towers Resort will celebrate its legendary heart-pumping loops, speeds, drops and turns of its most iconic attractions with an adrenaline-inducing event that will provide a creative twist for guests. Each of the Resort’s big seven rollercoasters will come alive as a visual and audio representation for guests to enjoy thanks to a series of bands, musicians and performers set on a series of stages located at each attraction.

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

From midday each day, Nemesis, Oblivion, Wicker Man, Rita, TH13TEEN, Galactica and The Smiler will each come alive through the roar of the coasters, live music and performers. Represented by a music genre that links to the coasters theme and story, from Electro Pop and synth, Grunge and Pop Rock, as well as Drum and Bass to Gothic Pop Classical, the celebration is set to hit the high notes for families and thrillseekers alike. Acoustic folk rock, Dance and Indie folk will also be on offer as bands take centre stage at the Resort.

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

Tapping into the traditional roots of the wooden coaster, Wicker Man will become home to a sensational array of Indie rock and acoustic folk music from The Rituals and Mia and the Moon on the dedicated stage, providing traditional melodies and stripped back sounds exploring wood vs fire and inviting you to ignite your senses and become one of the Beornen’s chosen few.

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

A not-to-be missed Drum and Bass DJ and band will provide a dance vibe that will take over X-Sector, home of the world’s first 14-looping mesmerising coaster The Smiler and Oblivion, the world’s first vertical drop rollercoaster that beckons guests to face their fears as they’re held, overhanging the edge of a breath-taking 180ft vertical drop. They’ll be joined by the Smiling Advocates as they encourage guests to “Smile. Always” and an Oblivion Army asks if you’re ready to dive into the dark side. Together, they’ll add to the renowned intensity of the near 90-degree drop of this steel rollercoaster giant before you plummet deep into the ground below.

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

Guests will also get to party the day away in the Dark Forest as Rita’s 80’s rock band GLOW take over alongside the Rock n Rollers performers, who will invite guests to party all night long with the brave few who dare to stay in the Dark Forest. Rita was Alton Towers first accelerator launch coaster and is a top thrill dragster that powers you straight to 100kph in just 2.5 seconds, putting your body through 4.7G. At lightning pace, Rita navigates every twist and turn of the track, as guests try to break free from the clutches of the Dark Forest.

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

Alongside GLOW, an eclectic array of gothic pop will be delivered by violinist Gothic Stings as TH13TEEN is brought to life through classics performed with attitude! The sounds of strings will emerge from an ancient crypt alongside the spine-tingling wraiths of TH13TEEN, synonymous with the launch of the dark and mysterious world's first vertical free fall drop rollercoaster. Guests over 1.2metres will get to speed round the track, enter the ancient crypt, and face the horror that lies within.

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

The bands and accompanying performers from the ride will battle it out providing must see entertainment throughout the day.

Guests will be able to enjoy the following:

Forbidden Valley
  • Nemesis - Join The Junkers who have survived on music since the alien attack, featuring LUNAFALL, a grunge and pop rock band formed to celebrate the Nemesis creature falling to earth.

  • Galactica – The manufactured Galactica Airways AI droids will be on hand to wish you a pleasant flight, alongside the Electro Pop and Synth songs from StacÆ 3

Dark Forest
  • Rita – Get set for 80's rock vibes from around the abandoned racecourse as the Rock n Rollers party and jam to the sound of GLOW with the brave few who dare to stay in the Dark Forest

  • TH13TEEN - The sounds of strings will emerge from an ancient crypt as Gothic Strings bring a pop classical crossover to the Dark Forest awakening the Wraiths. You’ve been warned.

X Sector
  • The Smiler – Join the Smiling Advocates as they invite you to dance to the beat of HYPERHAUS, music to make you Smile. Always.

  • Oblivion – Are you ready to join the dark side? Join the oblivion Army as they rave to the Drum and Bass of DJ Sidor – the Lord of Darkness

Mutiny Bay
  • Wicker Man – As fire versus wood, get ready to feel the heat of indie folk-rock band, The Rituals, and experience the acoustic melodies of the traditional folk duo, Mia and the Moon echoing through the wooden tracks of Wicker Man

Image ©Merlin Entertainments

“This year we plan to host a series of thrilliant events which will provide fun and thrills for families and thrill-seekers throughout the season like never before. We are really excited to kick off the 2022 season with a brand-new event for our guests. Festival of Thrills will be a thrilliant celebration of our awesome world-class rollercoasters, with a host of fantastic live music which will represent the personality and iconic backstories of the rides.”

Chris Carter, Events and Entertainments Director at Alton Towers Resort

Festival of Thrills is the first in a series of thrilliant events this season to celebrate unforgettable adventures, spending time with friends and family, and making memories together at Britain’s greatest escape.


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