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Alton Towers Mardi Gras Dazzles Guests With Explosions Of Colour, Sounds & High Energy Entertainment

On 22nd May 2021 saw the start of an all new event at Alton Towers Resort, Mardi Gras. This brand-new carnival style celebration dazzles guests, thanks to an explosion of colours, sounds, high energy entertainment and so much more that have never been seen before at the resort.

One of the main carnival style celebration elements within the event is different 'Krewes' which are located all across the park. Teams of around five entertainers each take inspiration from their respective area of the theme park and perform numerous dance routines, creating a celebration like no other! At the start of the day and towards the end of the day, all of the different 'Krewes' are located down Towers Street welcoming guests to the Mardi Gras celebrations. The different 'Krewes' include: Adventure Krewe (Katanga Canyon), Conservation Krewe (Mutiny Bay), Discovery Krewe (Forbidden Valley), Technology Krewe (X-Sector), and the Voodoo Krewe (Fountain Square). Once most guests have made their way to the different themed areas of the theme park, the 'Krewes' make their way to their separate areas, where there are themed ‘static parade floats’ that provide a centrepiece for the periodic dance routines. It is great to see entertainment located around all areas of the theme park again, and not just focused on Towers Street and the Front Lawns.

In addition to the various new entertainment offerings that this new event has brought to the resort, there is also a whole new range of food offerings in an area known as Food Street. This area is located in front of The Towers, and guests can taste their way around the world with a wide range of food choices to suit everyone's taste buds! The food options available include: Yorkshire Pudding wraps, Greek wraps and salads, Chinese noodles and Thai curry, stone-baked pizza, street food wraps, blooming onions and tornado potatoes, and traditional Mardi Gras King Cake. As well as the food in this Mardi Gras themed area of the theme park, there is also a band roaming around the area, continuing the festivities. To help accommodate for the extra food stalls, extra benches have been installed around this area where guests can relax and enjoy their food.

Across the whole of the theme park, decorations have been installed to help celebrate Mardi Gras. On Towers Street, a range of Mardi Gras theming and bunting has been installed, along with the return of the cake that features beads as well as respective Mardi Gras colours, lampposts featuring the Mardi Gras Fleur de Lis, and inflatable mascots wave to guests upon arrival and departure. There is also bunting-a-plenty throughout Towers Street, the Front Lawns, Food Street and up around the Towers. Banners for each of the Krewes have also been hung on the front of the Towers themselves.

Overall, this is one of the best events that Alton Towers Resort have ever held, with the wide range of food, drinks, high energy entertainment and carnival vibes that are on offer for guests! We would highly recommend a visit to Alton Towers Mardi Gras.


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