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Update - Alton Towers Dungeons

Alton Towers Resort have confirmed a few things over the last few days, regarding the Alton Towers Dungeons coming to the resort in 2019.

Firstly, Alton Towers Resort have confirmed that the Dungeons will cost an extra £5 for days guests (when booked in advance) and £7.50 on the day. Day guests also have the option to buy their day passes including a visit to the Alton Towers Dungeons; this ticket will cost £38pp. In addition to this, Alton Towers have created a Premium Season Pass which allows premium passholders to gain ONE free entry per visit to the Dungeons.

Birmingham Live have confirmed that the Alton Towers Dunegeons will include a boat, which will utlise the already existing boat ride system that was used in previous attractions in the same show building as the Dungeons. Alton Towers have provided this information on their website:

New for 2019, the Alton Towers Dungeon is a hilariously hideous journey through Staffordshire’s darkest moments in history and promises scorchingly scary fun for families who dare to enter.

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