SW8 Construction Update 17th September 2017

Alton Towers Resort have been building SW8 since November 2016 and the old Flume site was destroyed within a couple of months. Here is the latest construction update from the SW8 Construction Site!

On Sunday 17th September, we visited Alton Towers Resort and looked at the construction of SW8. Work has progressed massively over the last couple of months. To say that in March 2017 its was just a flat piece of land and now there is an almost complete wooden rollercoaster been built is amazing! Here is some pictures:

It's not just the coaster that is being built, the path for the queue has also been built! Here is some pictures:

SW8 is going to be a world class attraction and it certainly looks that way from the theming structure that is being built at the bottom of the site. There is a full video of the update below:

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