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Cbeebies Land Hotel Is Now Open!

On Saturday 8th July 2017, the Cbeebies Land Hotel opened offically to the public! Lots of the characters from Cbeebies came to the opening of the hotel and opened it! All of the special guests entered the hotel and were imursed into the world of Cbeebies! The reception area is great! It's like a cbeebies street!

Within the hotel, there is a Cbeebies themed entertainments area where lots of Cbeebies shows take place! This is called 'The Musical Meadow' and is great for the kids! If the parents want their own entertainment, the Cbeebies Land Hotel bar is a great place for this.

The rooms in the hotel are great! There are so mnay Cbeebies themed rooms to choose from! From Postman Pat to In The Night Garden!

To round off the whole hotel, there is also a restaurant where the kids can design their own pizza's! There is also a lot more to choose from as well!

So, there you have it! The Cbeebies Land Hotel has turned out to be a great success for Alton Towers Resort! Children that visit Alton Towers Resort, now have their own specially designed hotel for themselves!

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