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National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham

Discover An Amazing Underwater World.



SEA LIFE is the world’s largest family of aquariums, proudly delivering amazing discoveries around the world. From breath-taking underwater tunnels to incredible up-close encounters, guests can dive into the ocean world without getting wet. SEA LIFE has a vision of oceans that are healthy, protected, and full of diverse, wonderful animals and works together with its partner charity, the SEA LIFE TRUST. Their joint focus is to protect these oceans and the amazing marine life within them.

Jelly Invaders

Visit the Jelly Invaders zone and prepare yourself as the mysterious lives of jellyfish are revealed in a totally new light! Be mesmerised by enchanting jellyfish as they dance around magical tanks, where multi-coloured spotlights emphasise their beauty and create a uniquely stunning experience.

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The Gentoo penguin (Pygoscelis papua) is the third largest species of penguin, with only the Emperor and King penguins being larger. They are the fastest species of penguin, capable of reaching speeds of 22mph underwater.

Top Tips

- To guarantee your entry into this attraction, we recommend that you pre-book to ensure that you have reserved a place. Tickets can be purchased by clicking here.

- If you are a Merlin Annual Passholder, ensure that you have made your Passholder reservation before visiting. Reservations can be made by clicking here.

- We recommend that you arrrive 15 minutes before your allocated time slot to ensure that you enter the attraction on-time.

- National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham is a popular Birmingham attraction and during peak periods such as weekends and school holidays we do experience queues to enter the attraction. If you plan on visiting National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham during a school holiday or weekend, we do recommend that quieter times of the day to visit are usually found at first admission or later in the day towards last entry. However, this is not guaranteed, and visitor numbers and flow can vary each day.

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