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Guide - Rulantica

The water fun has a name!



A mix of Scandinavian style, Nordic landscapes, imaginative designs and mystical scenes create a particularly unique and impressive atmosphere in the water world Rulantica. A total of 25 attractions including 17 slides for young and old promise pure water fun for all tastes. In the 32,600 square meter indoor area, little mermaids can look forward to nine exciting theme worlds all year round.


For example, the lovely ‘Trølldal’ is perfectly attuned to the needs of the little ones. Once surrounded by huge floods, ‘Rangnakor’ ? the city on stilts ? impresses with large slides built by Rulantica´s indigenous people. The themed area ‘Skip Strand’ is a true  adventure playground with sunken three-master. In ‘Vinterhal’, a gigantic glacier cave is home to numerous slides and protected by the frozen sea snake ‘Svalgur‘. ‘Lumåfals’ is the home of beautiful mermaids and boasts a colourful waterfall and a large wave pool. Bubble loungers framed by pines and rocks make the ‘Skog Lagoon’ a haven of peace. ‘Vildstrøm‘ fascinates all with the torrent of the same name and pushes the bathers outdoors past typical Nordic landscapes. Finally, ‘Snorri´s Saga‘ will enchant visitors by taking them on a relaxed lazy river journey through ‘Rulantica‘. The outdoor area ‘Frigg Temple‘ guarantees great swimming fun.


After bathing fun and a thrilling experience, 1,700 deckchairs spread out in the spacious indoor area offer the possibility to sit down and relax. Eight individual Cabanas with catering services offer families an exclusive retreat. But not only the 20-meter-high, shell-shaped hall, but also the 8.000 square-meter outdoor area offer the possibility to relax on one of the 500 sun loungers in the open air and enjoy the southern sun.



In the midst of the home of the trolls, the most peaceful creatures on earth, even the smallest of visitors will find a sheltered place full of secrets and slides: Trølldal.



Grab one of the super-comfortable tubes, sit back and be amazed: The ride Snorri's Saga takes you through all of Rulantica. Carried by a gentle current, it passes by the sea people, through a colourful underwater cave, past the City on Stilts and shipwrecks.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is the indoor water world suitable for children of all ages?
Rulantica is a water adventure world for the whole family. For security reasons, some attractions have age and size restrictions. The restrictions are displayed in the attraction description on the website and at the attraction on site. To the attractions

Should you be able to swim well?
Depending on the attraction, good swimming skills are required.


Is the indoor water world accessible?
Most of the paths and areas are wheelchair accessible. Elevators connect the traffic areas with each other and also provide barrier-free access to the reception hall as well as the catering and shopping areas. Generously designed changing rooms, spacious toilets and shower areas are also available. Water wheelchairs (limited capacity) allow you to get around Rulantica. More information can be found here.

Can I leave the water world during my visit?
Due to organisational reasons, leaving Rulantica for a prolonged period of time is not possible. We do of course want to enable especially our hotel guests to go to their room when required. Day guests can also leave Rulantica if absolutely necessary. Please contact a member of staff in the lobby in such cases. They will be happy to help you.

Is there a spa area?
There is currently no spa area. This may be implemented as part of expansion plans.


Is smoking allowed in the indoor water world?
Smoking is not permitted in Rulantica itself. Outside there is a smoking area.


Is there WiFi in Rulantica?
Yes, free WiFi is available in Rulantica.

Is the use of smartphones & GoPros allowed in Rulantica?
Bringing your own smartphone is allowed in Rulantica (e.g. use as an eBook, surfing the Internet, etc.). When taking photos or videos with a smartphone or similar, it must always be ensured that the personal rights of other guests are respected and that nobody feels disturbed by the recordings.

With the exception of the attractions Dugdrob & Vildfål, the use of action cams (e.g. GoPros) with a head holder is permitted.

Is there a dress code?

In some swimming pools you can, for example, not bathe with long trousers.
Rulantica requires swimwear made of special bathing textiles for hygienic reasons. For more information, please see section 3.15 of the parking and bathing regulations.


What is the temperature in the pool?
The water in the pools has a temperature of approx. 32°C


Can strollers be taken into the water world?
Strollers are not allowed in the water world for safety reasons. We ask you to leave strollers in the car if possible. There is also a limited number of lockers suitable for pushchairs.


Are there any restrictions for glasses wearers?
For safety reasons, the use of glasses on the water slides Dugdrob & Vildfål and Isbrekker is not permitted. We also recommend removing your glasses on the other slides. Glasses racks are offered for the individual slides.

Subject to price changes, all information without guarantee.

Please note, all images used on this page belong to Europa-Park.

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