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Cbeebies Land Hotel

Step inside the rainbow...

Home to unrivalled and exclusive family entertainment featuring meet and greets with some of your favourite CBeebies characters, live shows, story time and CBeebies games to play, the fun is endless at the CBeebies Land Hotel.

UK's only CBeebies Land Hotel

Will you choose a Bugbies room, or one of our amazing character themed rooms? Just decide whether you want to find Gem’s jewels in the Swashbuckle room, explore In the Night Garden, have a deep sea adventure with the Octonauts, visit Postman Pat in Greendale or meet the Tumbles in Something Special.

14 hours of exclusive entertainment

Little ones will meet their favourite CBeebies characters, watch and join Bing in a live show and find missing prehistoric items in Andy’s Dinosaur Hunt. As darkness falls, take part in some stargazing before a restful night ready for an action packed day in CBeebies Land!

Swashbuckle room
Something Special room
Postman Pat room
Octonauts room
In the Night Garden room
Bugbies kids room
Bugbies room
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