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Slick. Modern. Fresh.

Is What We Are Going For.

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Why a new design?

Here at Theme Park International, we are constanlty looking at ways to improve our appearance in a modern and slick way. This is way why have made the move of changing our colour palette from orange and blue to our new dark and light blues, which reflects our new modern design.

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What are we changing?

Firstly...........Our Colours

Orange is going to be taking a break and blue is now going to be our new primary colour that will be used across all of our new branding. Dark & light blues will be transforming our branding into a modern, slick new designs.

light blue swatch 1.png
blue colour swatch.png
Winter 2018.2019 Product Pic
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Over the past year, we have been in a major transformation of our brand, which has seen the change of our world logo to a new modern design, a new refreshed website design, the style of our YouTube videos and the graphics for our social media pages.

Welcome to the fresh, new us.

Proud To Be Part Of

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© 2019 Theme Park International

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