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Alton Towers Resort have annouced the Early Ride Time line-up for 2017! The rides/attractions are:

Forbidden Valley

Nemesis, The Blade


Oblivion, Enterprise

CBeebies Land

Selected attractions including: Postman Pat Parcel Post, In The Night Garden Magic Boat Ride, Get Set Go Tree Top Adventure, Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure, Tree Fu Tom Training Camp, Justin’s House Pie-O-Matic Factory, Charlie & Lola Moonsquirters and Green Drops, Numtums Number-Go-Round, Something Special Sensory Garden, Big Fun Show Time and Nina’s Science Lab.

Early Ride Time starts at 9am. Which is 1 hour before the park opens to the customers whith no ERT tickets and . Alton Towers Resort have also changed the opening times to 10am-5pm instead of 10:30am-5pm that they annouced early in the year. 

Earlier In 2017
21st February 2017
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