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Alton Towers Fireworks 2018

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Top Tips

Alton Towers Fireworks Top Tips

Alton Towers Resort Fireworks is a very busy event. (This was proven in 2016 where they hit capacity of 32,000 people on both nights of the event!) To get a good view of the fireworks, we recomend that you arrive at least 30 mins-1:30 hours. The varies which spot you would like. Once the show has finished, don't rush home! It's better to stay in the theme park until 8pm or later. The theme park is open until 9pm and the queues to get out are very long! (even in your car getting out) We aslo recomend that you have a coat and plently of layers ready because it will get very cold. Queues for the car park ticket machine are very long at the end of the day. So, try to get it at the start of the day or in the middle. If you are parked at the theme park STANDARD car park, exit through the Galatica gates. This might be an easier option. If lots of people are heading this way, go for the monorail or walk back via the theme park MAIN ENTRANCE. The last thing is, have a great time at Alton Towers Resort! 

If you have any questions or want ot know more about the event, please either contact Alton Towers Resort or Theme Park International on:

YouTube Message: Theme Park International (same logo as the logo at the top of your screen)

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